Learn Data Science
at Home

An online interactive course where you master the fundamentals of data science, all in the comfort of your home.
Q&A Session
Thursday 17:00 GMT+02

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Estimated Time

A session every week
At 2-3 hrs/week workload


Basic Python understanding
PC with 4GB+ RAM

Course Language

German or English
Based on the people preference

Timeline of the Course

Week 1 - 26.03
Data Scientist Mindset
Video Slides Quiz

In the first week, we will learn how to think like a data scientist. With the right mindset, a lot of rookie mistakes can be easily avoided. Assignments will test your statistical thinking and improve your mindset.

Week 2 - 02.04
Practical Data Transformation
Video Slides Quiz

Data Science is 80% Data Cleaning and 20% Machine Learning. In this week, we will learn the fundamentals of the "80%".  We will use the Pandas library to achieve this goal. Assignments will use real-life datasets.

Week 3 - 09.04
Essential Data Visualization
Video Slides Quiz

Data Visualization allows us to explore the data visually and also impress the management.
We will use Seaborn and Plotly for visualization.
Assignment will focus on storytelling with data visualization methods.

Week 4 - 16.04
Fundamental Algorithms
Video Slides Quiz

Most problems  in Data Science can be solved with classical machine learning methods. This week, we will explore techniques such as Linear Regression and Random Forest to address a wide range of problems. Scikit-Learn will help us save time implementing such algorithms.

Week 5 - 23.04
Real Life Data Science
Video Slides Final Project

Here we combine all that we have learned into one project. This project will be unique to you and can be used in your portfolio. Prizes are given for top projects.

Project Showcase & Recap

After the final project, we showcase the best project from you! We then end it with a recap and give our closing thoughts.

25.04 - 30.05
Q&A Session
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

We have Q&A Sesssion every week to answer your questions about Assignments, Final Project and Data Science in general. Every Tuesday & Thursday at 17:00. After 10 May only Thursday.

Your Instructors


Certificate of Completion

A certificate you can show to your current or future employeer.

If you want to recieve a validated certification from us, complete all assignments and the final project until end of May 2020.

All certificates will be hosted on our website and can be verified. Furthermore, the certificate can be added into your Linkedin Profile.

Why make this course?

The rise of Covid-19 in Austria has led to the cancellation of many events such as MLGraz Meetup & Linuxtage Graz.

A lot of organizations are advocating home office during this period. Furthermore, the number of tech events canceled is increasing evermore. During this time of crisis, we see this as an excellent opportunity for you to grow your skillset.

We believe, everyone should get an opportunity to continue learning and building their skillset. As the leading AI community in Graz, we see our responsibility to provide a platform for fellow Styrians to grow. This led us to create this online course.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ist dieser Kurs auf Deutsch?

Wenn die Mehrheit der Menschen Deutsch wünscht, dann ja.

Is it free?

Yes, but donations or sponsoring our meetup is welcomed.

Is online presence mandatory?

No, but asking questions during the stream is the quickest way to get a answer.

On which platform will it be streamed?

Either Youtube and/or Twitch.

How much time do I need to commit?

Around 2-3 hours per week.

What should I do, to get the certificate.

Do all Assignments + Final Project until end of May to recieve your certificate.

Will this get me a job?

We cannot guarantee you a job. :(
But the skills learned here should be enough for a junior level position

What PC Specs do I need?

Anything that has at least 2 cores and has 4GB RAM is more than enough.

What prior skills do I need?

Basic Python coding skills
Be familiar with probability of coin flip.

I have an other question!

Write us on Linkedin. :)

I have problem with the assignment.

We have bi-weekly Q&A Session on Tuesday and Thursday 17:00 GMT+02. And only Thursday 17:00 after 10 of May.

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